Does he??*

She stood looking at herself in the standing mirror.

Her eyes secretly scanned the room, while he was searching for something.

Isn’t he lucky! what a beautiful room!!’ She thought to herself.

He came from behind and hugged her, kissing her on her cheek.

She smiled in the mirror communicating passionately with his grey orbs.

She had always admired his colour.

Isn’t he lucky!! such beautiful eyes!! she thought again.

He turned her and kissed her on her forehead, whispering how beautiful she was.

She traced his face with the tip of her finger, stroking the stubble.

She had always loved his stubble.

She loved when it tickled her skin.

She looked at him again, completing shutting out his words of praises for her.

“Doesn’t he realize how beautiful he is.”

” doesn’t he know, how lucky she was to have him.”

“Does he know, she dreams of him every night.”

“Does he realize, how much she is in love with him?”

“Now, Does he?”

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