Friends for benefits!

thoughts muffled around her in a bubble.

A bubble that was mocking her.

A bubble that was caging her in.

She was breaking.

She was breaking bad.

But he was oblivious to this or was feigning to be.

She lay in her bed , shedding tears.

While all he was doing was partying and hanging out with his silly bunch of friends.

Lying was what he was becoming good at.

She had given him , her all.

But all he was delivering were lies.

His touch was enough for her, he thought.

He thought satisfying her physically was what she needed. 

Oh! How naive could he be.

Or maybe a little selfish.

She was not a toy he could use , or a tissue, he could throw away.

Oh no!

She had desired to be cherished.

She had desired to be loved.

But all she received were lies.

All she received was his new-found ego.

She screamed at her reflection for being such a wretch.

She screamed at her for loving him this long.

She broke down terribly, for she had to make a decision.

A decision to let him go.

A decision to never come back to him.

A decision to stop loving him anymore. 

This was going to be the worst nightmare of her life.

For, she loved him more than her own soul.

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