Chestnuts first kiss!

lay demurely, engulfed in the fluffiness of her covers.

Her hand brushed over her lips, smiling at the exquisite memory.

Her hair bestrewed all over her pillow, feeling idle without his hand caressing them, pinning them behind her ear. 

Her chestnut hair loved the feel of his fingers in between them.

He had cupped her face, benevolently. Holding still, letting the moment to sink in.

He was giving her time to pull back if she wanted to, but secretly he had been  dreaming of those lips around his since so long.

He wanted to feel them. To capture them, to explore and to see if they matched his rhythm.

She was sure she was ready. 

All she worried about was it’s perfection.

Nature had given her the answer for that. 

The clouds bribed the brightest star to hide behind them. The wind saw it’s cue and swirled around singing happy songs. The leaves flew smiling widely. The sky turned pink, For something beautiful was about to happen to her and they had wished her luck.

Slowly, her lips collided with his. She held him tightly, digging her fingernails into his skin while he explored her all. The sync was more than perfect for them. For they couldn’t pull back.

He bit her lip and she winced, wanting more of him.

A low moan escaped her lips and he captured her again, pulling her towards him.

 The small space they were confined in was no obstacle to them.

All she could think about was the moment to never seize.

To be pressed up against him, secured in his warmth.

 Her utter bliss was him. 

She had never felt so amazing before. 

 For, She wanted him. 

And so she didn’t dare pull back.

After all it was her first kiss.

Her first kiss in a car.


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